BOPP Film is a bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP)
  Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films
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  • we offer our clients with an assortment of Clear BOPP Film
  • we offer our clients with an assortment of Clear BOPP Film
  • we offer our clients with an assortment of Clear BOPP Film
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Ethyl Acetate


Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl Acetate is the organic compound with the formula CH3COOCH2CH3. This colorless liquid has a characteristic sweet smell. Ethyl acetate is the ester of ethanol and acetic acid it is manufactured on a large scale for use as a solvent.

Ethyl acetate is used primarily in wide scale as a solvent, being favored because of its low cost, low toxicity, and agreeable odor. It is formulated from ethanol and acetic acid and is used as a solvent in different industrial applications.





Ethyl Acetate:


is known as Ethyl ethanoate, Ethyl ester, Acetic ester, Ester of ethanol. It is available in Barrel/Drum and Tanker Load.

Chemical structure of Ethyl Acetate


* Paints, inks

* For production of Glues/Adhesives.

* As lacquer thinner

* For creating luster in photographic films to last long.

Characteristics of Ethyl Acetate:

1. Pleasant smell like that of glues or nail polish remover.

2. Volatile, relatively non-toxic and flammable.

3. As a solvent in chemical industry

4. In paints as an activator or hardener

5. Effective poison for use in insect collecting and study

6. Used during the preparation of photographic film and plates

7. Used as a drug intermediate.

Specification of Ethyl Acetate:


Clear Colourless Liquid

Specific Gravity

0.896 gm/ml

Residual Substance Value/Odour

No Residual Odour

Freezing Point


Formic Acid


Aldehyde Content


Acidity As (Acetic Acid)

0.0084% w/w

Moisture Content


Distillation Range

2.0 c


76.0 c


78.0 c


99.80% w/w


* 185 / 205 / 210 Kg Drum (MS / HMHDPE)

* Tanker Load